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Knowing The Goalie Rules is Really Important!

There are some soccer goalie rules that you need to follow as goalkeeper. To avoid you from causing penalties and free kicks 

As a goalkeeper you adhere to the same rules as any of your teammates when you are outside the 18 yard box.

However, when you are inside it you have permission to touch the ball with any part of your body (including your hands and arms).

When you have the possession of the ball you have exactly 6 seconds do distribute it into play.

You can distribute the ball by kicking or throwing it to one of your teammates. You may also drop the ball at your feet.

However, if your drop it on the ground the ball is deemed to be in play and you should watch for opponents around you as they may steal the ball and score a goal on you.

As a goalkeeper you can't be rough on your opponents. A major foul committed in your penalty box by one of your defenders is called a penalty kick.

If one of your teammates throws the ball back to you and the ball does not touch an opponent before landing or rolling into your 18 yard box (penalty kick area), then you don't have permission to use your hands to grip the ball.This is not a common situation but will usually occur when one of your defenders performs a throw in.

Additionally, if one of your teammates intentionally passes the ball back to you by kicking it, you cannot play the ball using your hands (even thought you are within your own 18 yard box).

You may play the ball using your hands on a ball that is headed to you. This type of situations can often be seen in a well played soccer game.

If you put a ball back into play by dropping or rolling the ball on the ground in front of you, then you can't pick it up again using your hands (even thought you are within your own 18 yard box).What you need to do is to set the ball in play by putting it on the ground and then kick it away from you.

The last important part of soccer rules is for the goalie to dress in a way to make it easier to distinguish you from your opponent, teammates and referees.